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My name is Cindy Rackley and I am an Intuitive offering readings for people and animals, , Reiki Master/Teacher, Coach and Healer.  My work incorporates many forms of Energy Medicine, applied Kinesiology, Vibrational Medicines such as Homeopathy and Flower Essences and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.   I work with People, Animals and Organizations, in the US, Canada and Europe..  I offer private  Readings (people and animals),  Intuitive Coaching, Classes and Healing Sessions.   I  teach classes in  Reiki,  Animal Communication,, Energy Awareness/ in Leadership, and  Energy & Vibrational  Medicine Courses .     
I believe in a holistic approach in  my work.  All of these modalities of healing and energy work help people and animals to heal on all levels, Body, Mind and Spirit and are extremely complementary to one another.  When I first opened my practice,  I would frequently be the last resort to healing/health from people and/or for their animals.  When doctors or veterinarians had run out of options from their diagnostic and treatment programs, people would be desperate to try "anything" to help their loved ones, so they would turn to people like me.  What I do is no longer considered "out there', and the modalities that I use are becoming more in the mainstream of  the traditional medical model.  Many times, we are the first place people come to now for a holistic approach to wellness.  
The  knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things and is  directly related to health quality has been known in many of our world  cultures for eons of time.  Recent scientific research has verified the  existence of this “life force energy”,  and medical science is beginning to recognize the role this energy  plays in the functioning of our bodies, the immune system and the  healing process.  Reiki is a form of energy medicine that accelerates healing, alleviates pain, and reduces stress   It also  supports, balances and clears  energy  blocks in the system; not only in our physical bodies,  but also helps  to clear and heal mental and emotional issues; thus helping to bring us  back into balance and health.  Reiki is utilized and taught in many hospitals across the country and around the world..
Homeopathy  is a safe, natural system of vital body medicine that provides relief from  suffering for millions of people in nearly every country in the world.  These remedies  have been around for more than 200 years and are the safest  medicines known to mankind.  It is a therapy created by a vibrational  imprint of information with no molecular structure to interfere with plant or chemical  based medicines.  These remedies have no harmful side effects and can be used on all species..   
The science of Quantum Mechanics and Biophysics is proving that our reality is formed from the blending of consciousness and scientific information.   This scientific research  shows that we are all connected to a quantum field of energy or grid and that consciousness can shift outcomes.  Our consciousness, along with our mental and emotional health effects, not only our minds, but also  our bodies.   As technology evolves to validate more scientific information about quantum fields of energy,  these various forms of energy medicine will become more commonplace and more readily available in the medical community.  The medical model is beginning to utilize these techniques and explore these modalities more fully. 
My mission is to enhance the healing potential for people and animals through communication,  energy and vibrational medicine, nutrition, and viewing the whole picture; which includes the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the issue..   I love empowering and teaching people to trust and utilize their own intuition and guidance, through classes, readings and various techniques..  Look for our new Integrative Therapies and Educational Center in Santa Ynez, California, coming soon!  
 Cindy Rackley
Disclaimer: These modalities of healing and education are designed to enhance the healing process and are not intended to take the place of good medical and veterinary care.