Readings, Coaching and Healing  and Coaching sessions 

Cindy offers readings that bring in practical and spiritual guidance and information.   She remains fully present and allows your guidance to speak through her.  These readings bring in information from the present, past and future ~ even from those that have transitioned. Duration of readings will vary, approximately an hour.  Phone and/or email readings will be scheduled upon receipt of payment. 

Fee:  $150/Hour ~ $75/half hour 

Readings"I have known Cindy for quite a few years and have been witness to her clear communication that she has with Spirit.  She has assisted many individuals with guidance through her readings and teachings.  She works with humans and animals and is a bridge between the species.  Her level of integrity is impeccable and she is a very gifted psychic, animal communicator, teacher, healer and lightworker."Kristie Floyd ~ Washington

 Animal Readings give you insight into your animal companion and your relationship with them as a spiritual being.  The readings offer information and guidance on your animal’s well being, health issues, emotional issues, messages and possible remedies.  Information can also come from those animals that have transitioned and are no longer in physical form.

Disclaimer: These modalities of healing and education are designed to enhance the healing process and not intended to take the place of good medical and veterinary care.  
     Duration of full readings will vary, approximately an hour.  Most readings are done by phone.
 Fees:  $150/hour ~ $75/half hour     (whether 1 animal or many)  

 Readings and Reiki session combination can be scheduled together

 Coaching Sessions ~ $150/hour (in person or over the phone)
 In Person Reiki sessions

  People ~ $80 at my office or comparable rates in other areas ( possible travel expenses if outside of 10 mile 
  Animal ~ Large animals ~$80/hr (+ possible travel expenses if outside of 10 mile radius)
                 Smaller animals ~ $35/half hr (+possible travel expenses if outside 10 mile radius)

  Distance Healing:
 People and Animals ~ No charge