About Cindy
At present, Cindy  lives in Washington State with her husband, at Hawk Meadow Farm and is in the process of moving back to California in the near future.   She has two grown children, Cody and Sara, and 3 beautiful  grandchildren, Eva, Hadley and Liam..  She shares her home with elderly horses, cats, and  Bear,a black lab. 
Cindy works with clients in the US, Canada and Europe and travels to meet with clients and to teach.  She offers education and healing for people and animals and teaches classes in Reiki, Animal Communication,The Heart of Listening, Energy Awareness in Leadership and  Energy/Vibrational Medicine. She, along with her team in California,  Cody & Jill Rackley and Staci HIll are creating an Integrative Therapy and Educational Center in the Santa Ynez. California area and will be posting the information soon.
Cindy grew up in California and her affinity with animals has always been in the forefront of her life.  Her parents loved and raised horses and she found much of her life spent in the company of animals and nature. She has been in the equine industry for over 50 years involved in breeding, training, showing and holistic  care.
 Cindy worked for a plaintiff medical malpractice attorney for over a decade.  She has been in the healing arts for more than 35 years. She is a Reiki Master in Usui, Johrei and Laser Reiki.  She has been a Reiki  Master,  teaching classes  and utilizing Energy and Vibrational Medicine for over 20 years..
As a child she communicated with animals through intuition and telepathy, sometimes preferring the company of animals to humans. Her gentle and compassionate nature shines through in her readings, healing sessions and classes.  She has been giving readings for people and animals for several decades.
Cindy has been featured in several equine publications for Animal Communication and holistic care ~ Horse and Rider 2000/Horse Psychics;     Horse Central Magazine 2000 with an article on Hawk Meadow Farm/alternative health care for horses, the Return to Freedom Newsletter  (Summer 2004). Holistic/Energy Medicine at Return to Freedom, and an article as part of a holistic equine dentistry team with Casey Jones in Monty Roberts Join Up Magazine 2002 (April/May/June) issue.She works with Shadow's Fund,(www.shadowsfund.org) a canine non-profit,  that was founded by Jill Anderson`Rackley(her daughter-in-law)  and Cody Rackley (her son).  Originally created as a senior canine rescue, it now includes all dogs at risk.  Along with being one of the well known pit bull rescues in California, Shadow's Fund created a model program called Second Chances, where they partnered with the local federal prison system, using dogs from local shelters and inmates, giving both the dogs and the inmates a second chance.  In  Jill and Cody's program, Cindy teaches  Energy Awareness in Leadership  with the inmates to help them become more aware and responsible of what they project with each other, the dogs and out into the world.
She has served on the Board of Directors at Return to Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary in California (www.returntofreedom.org)  Iin 2010 she stepped down as Director, because of upcoming projects   At the Sanctuary she  teaches courses in Reiki, Animal Communication,  and An Introduction to Energy Medicine.    All the classes at the sanctuary allow people to experience their connection to the natural world in a unique environment.  Most people come away with an invaluable experience learning more about nature and themselves.She  has also worked  with Peggy Gilmer (www.peggygilmer.com), in Peggy's  Equine Facilitated Leadership and Teambuilding Programs.  Cindy teaches Energy Awareness through Peggy's program and  has worked with groups from Microsoft, Nordstrom, private organizations and schools, from both the US and Canada. . 
She, along with Cody Rackley & Jill Anderson`Rackley of Shadow's Fund and Staci Hill  (Staci Hill Equine Training) will be  opening an Integrative Therapy and Educational Center for people and animals in the Santa Ynez valley in California.  More information on the facility and what they will be offering will be available soon.

Cindy is available for private sessions, classes, distant healing and readings by appointment.  Readings and consultations can be done over the phone, by email or in person.
Cindy Rackley is an Internationally known Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master/Teacher, Coach  and Healer.  Her work incorporates many forms of Energy MedicineCommunication, Applied Kinesiology and Vibrational Medicine.
Disclaimer: These modalities of healing and education are designed to enhance the healing process and not intended to take the place of good medical and veterinary care.